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We are offering a completely free opportunity to 20 motivated individuals to help them start their fitness journey! You will be paired with a personal coach, receive individualized nutrition plans, have preferred access to weekly workout classes and more! Click the link below to learn more or sign up!


Welcome to your new one stop shop for all things health, fitness, nutrition and recovery. Our all-inclusive membership based model allows you to experience healthcare the way you want it to be delivered, not on terms dictated by an insurance company. ​With unprecedented access to your physician, unlimited use of our Performance Medicine Institute, Recovery Lab, & elite fitness center, and other services not typically covered by insurance plans, your health and wellness goals have never been easier to reach.


Become a member of Grandview Primary Care's Advanced Wellness Program today!


Step 1: Join our low-cost, monthly membership program.

Step 2: Receive personalized, patient-centered medical care, a 24/7 gym membership, unlimited access to our performance and recovery centers, and so much more.


For those patients who do not wish to join the monthly membership program, individual office visits with your health care provider may be purchased on an a la carte basis. 

No insurance required or accepted.




At Grandview Primary Care we believe in compassionate, knowledgable, personal and holistic health care. We believe optimal health is more than seeing your doctor periodically and taking a handful of prescription medications. Don't get us wrong, we very much believe in keeping blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels under control and we very much believe in screening tests such as mammograms and colonoscopies as well as keeping vaccines up to date. We will absolutely help you stay on top of all of these parameters. We do believe in prescribing medications when necessary, but believe that many (maybe even most) prescriptions can be avoided by taking care of our bodies by regularly exercising, getting proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy body weight, getting enough sleep and keeping stress levels in check. Our bodies are a magnificently complex system that’s capable of incredible healing capacity and good health well into advanced age if provided with the right environment to thrive. We believe you should have access to your health care team and offer same day appointments, appointments that last as long as needed to take care of the issues at hand, as well as email addresses and cell phone numbers for your health care providers. We have assembled a fantastically talented, diverse team to help you thrive at every stage of life including an internal medicine physician, certified physician's assistant, registered nurse, doctor of physical therapy, registered dietitian, chiropractor, licensed massage therapist, Reiki master, yoga instructor, personal trainers, athletic trainer, endurance athlete specialist as well as a powerlifting coach. We also have the following tools at your disposal, including a state of the art medical office and fitness center, DEXA scanner for bone densities, body composition and visceral fat measurement, Indirect Calorimeter for measuring metabolic rates, V02max cardiopulmonary testing equipment, Lactate Threshold testing equipment, a Cryotherapy Chamber, Infrared Saunas, Cupping, Dry Needling, Normatec Sequential Compression devices and percussion massage devices. All of this and more is at your disposal in your quest to be the absolute healthiest, fittest, and happiest version of you.

We've assembled a team of exceptional health care professionals and human performance experts who will do whatever it takes to ensure you stay healthy, fit and motivated.

As a member of our Advanced Wellness Program, you'll receive unlimited in-office visits, in-office procedures, blood draws, performance testing, a membership to our 24/7 fitness center and much more. 

Don't let middle age slow you down.  Men with low testosterone levels as well as post-menopausal women often report a higher quality of life including more energy, improved strength and endurance, happier moods and more vibrant sex lives by increasing and maintaining their sex hormones at more youthful levels.


Can I pay my membership fee with my

Health Savings Account? 

Yes you can! 

Most patients can pay with their



Personalized, patient-centered medical care is more affordable than you may have thought with a monthly cost that is less than the average cell phone bill.

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