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Who We Are

We believe that traditional healthcare has failed us by simply medicating our symptoms. At Grandview Primary Care, we address the underlying cause of our patient's medical conditions, which are often lifestyle driven.


We also believe that insurance is a barrier to receiving well-rounded healthcare. Switching to a membership model has enabled us to get to know our patients, and provide exceptional care using tools not found at any other primary care office. We are passionate about supporting you in all aspects of your healthcare, including medicine, nutrition, and physical fitness.  Absence of chronic disease does not equate to ideal health, and we have the knowledge and systems in place to help you elevate your quality of life.

Ready to Maximize Your Health With Better Care?

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Us VS. Them

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Option 1: Join our reasonably priced advanced wellness program membership.

Option 2: Individual services may be purchased on an a la carte basis.

Grandview Primary Care does not accept insurance for in office services. Insurance is used for outside referrals, imaging and lab orders.

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Membership Programs

Your Advanced Wellness or All-Inclusive Fitness Membership Plan gets you unlimited access to your very own team of health professionals devoted to addressing your current health issues while taking proactive measures to keep you at the best version of yourself.

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A La Carte Services

Don't need to take advantage of all of our services included in our Membership Packages?  Our a la carte menu allows you to pick and choose which services you will most benefit from.


Nutrition Services

Interested in learning more about how nutrition can improve your quality of life?  Looking to create sustainable diet changes to meet your wellness goals? Audrey Clement, RD can help you fuel your body to feel your best. Click below to see what services she has to offer!


Group Fitness

Join us for a group fitness class! Each class is unique in style and taught by one of our talented instructors to help you reach your goals! Located just up the road from our gym and primary care office, the new group fitness facility is filled with state of the art equipment.


Physical Therapy

Performance therapy is aimed at unlocking human potential in the areas of strength, conditioning, and physical wellness while also identifying risk factors to keep you as injury free as possible on your fitness journey.  We believe that every person is an athlete whether you’re a professional athlete or an everyday athlete in the sport of life.


Personal Training

Movement is medicine. Don't know where to start with your physical fitness? Pair your holistic healthcare experience with one of our knowledgeable and professional personal trainers. 

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