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Trainning with Kettlebells

Primary Care

All Inclusive

Fitness Package

  This membership includes an Advanced Wellness Membership, a gym membership to Grandview Pro Fitness and Cbus Lifting Co. as well as 12 training sessions with Rachael or Jamayla a month, free visits with our Registered Dietitian Megan, access to virtual group fitness classes via Zoom as well and access to a library of over 200 exercise videos and our training App. This new membership will cost $475 a month.

Meet The Team

rachel R.jpg

Personal Trainer, Grandview Pro Fitness


Registered Dietitian, Grandview Primary Care

Fitness Tracker

Included Services


Full access to our doctors office and medical services such as dexa scans, rmr tests, VO2 max tests and more



  • 12 training sessions with either Rachael Or Jamayla depending on your gym preference

  • Group fitness

  • Zoom classes

  • Access to app with hundreds of exercises

Nutritional Guidance

Full access to Megan's nutritional expertise and guidance. Some services include:

  • General nutrition counseling

  • Sport-specific nutrition counseling

  • Weight gain/loss

  • Injury prevention and recovery

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