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There is a lot of information out there about how to stay healthy, what to eat, and what your workout should entail.  We want to make sure you're only taking in the best, most factual information there is-- and here is where you'll find it. 


​Our Blog will consist of regularly updated posts discussing science-based studies on health & wellness, fitness, and nutrition, as well as entertaining, trending topics that you don't want to miss. You'll also find exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle tips & tricks from our various health professionals, to ensure that you stay in-the-know as you go about your health and fitness journey. 

January 17, 2019

The sacroiliac joints (SIJ) connect the bones that make up the pelvis (the sacrum and ilium), below the lower back. The SI joints help connect the pelvis to the spine and legs and the SI joints help transfer loads. Pain in this region is very common...

December 7, 2018

Have you tried stretching and stretching and they still seem “tight”??

It is very common for the majority of people to report their hip flexors are “tight” or are told by someone that their hip flexors are “tight.” Most of us sit a lot during the day,...

October 23, 2018

It’s that time of the year as we head into fall/winter with lots of holidays coming up. This time of year is always busy with all sorts of activities, holiday parties, events, family gatherings, etc. That can often lead us to skimp on time spent bein...

September 11, 2018

What is Cupping Therapy/What are the benefits?

The form of cupping therapy utilized is Fascial Cupping therapy for soft tissue release/mobilization. It is a form of manual therapy. It is used to treat pain including back pain, neck pain, general muscu...