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Dry needling involves a thin filiform needle that penetrates the skin and stimulates underlying myofascial trigger points addressing muscular and connective tissues. There are no drugs or injections associated with this treatment which is why it is ‘dry’ needling. The placement and movement of the needle alone communicates with nerve impulses to normalize pain control, muscle tension, and range of motion. This treatment has proven to be extremely effective in combination with other treatment options, such as decompression and chiropractic care. Most common areas of treatment are to the upper and lower extremities for pain as well as for headaches and sciatic symptoms.




Chiropractic care focuses on treating the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. It addresses pain throughout the entire body, from the head and neck to the soles of the feet. The most common procedures that are used are spinal and joint manipulations, also known as adjustments. These manipulations create a more efficient relationship between muscle, nervous system and bone, which effectively allows for better communication within the body.







Dr. Stefan was born in the beautiful mountains of Cumberland, Maryland, where he spent the first few years of his life. From there, his family moved to Columbia, South Carolina until he was 12 and finally, settled in Massillon, OH. As a year-round athlete competing in football, basketball and baseball, he often endured minor musculoskeletal issues and various stages of recovery from training, practice and games. Somewhere in the middle of sprained ankles and low back pain, Brett was offered help by a friend’s father, who is a chiropractor. The rapid progress and lasting benefits were so significant that Brett knew from then on, he would be committed to making chiropractic a priority in his life.  After graduating from Jackson High School, Dr. Stefan knew he wanted to combine his love for sports and helping others into his future career and chiropractic fit the bill to a tee. Dr. Stefan attended Ohio University where he received a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology.  After four years in Athens, Ohio, Dr. Stefan moved to St. Louis, Missouri where he attended Logan University. There, he received his Doctorate in Chiropractic as well as a Masters in Nutritional Sciences. While in St. Louis, Dr. Stefan focused on the anatomy and biomechanics of the human body while also incorporating its utmost importance in connection with nutrition and fueling the body properly. Dr. Stefan finished his training in St. Louis at the Biofreeze Human Performance Center then moved to Washington, D.C. for his internship. Dr. Stefan made the move back to Ohio because in his own words, “Being in different places makes you realize how much you miss the good people of Ohio and the pride and passion they hold in their communities.” He currently lives in Worthington with his wife, Natalie, and their fox red lab, Riggins. In his spare time, you will find Dr. Stefan on the golf course.  

Cell: 330-268-6157

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