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Join us for a group fitness class! Each class is unique in style and taught by one of our talented instructors to help you reach your goals! Located just up the road from our gym and primary care office, the new group fitness facility is filled with state of the art equipment. 

Free to AWP members, $20 for all drop ins


Class Schedule

We offer classes seven days a week at all times of the day to make sure we fit into your schedule. Visit our booking site at the link below to view our available class times and options! 


All classes free of charge to AWP members

Drop ins are welcome at $20 per class

Parking is located on the side of the building closest to Northwest Blvd. or behind the building. Please enter through the front door and our studio is located down the stairs.


Our Group Fitness Classes are held at our newest location located at 751 Northwest Blvd. Suite 100-2, Columbus OH.


Just a three minute drive from Grandview Primary Care & Grandview Pro Fitness!

New Group Fitness Map_edited.jpg

Our Classes


This High Intensity Interval Training class promotes fat loss and improved endurance. This class will have a mix of everything from various cardio machines, bodyweight and/or free-weight movements. HIIT programming is designed to increase HR and intensity followed by periods of rest and recovery. Get ready to feel the burn and break a sweat in this 45 minute class!

Strength Class

The strength class is designed to improve muscle mass and function. Strength-focused workouts improve metabolic function and support longevity. This class will utilize bodyweight, free weight, and barbell exercise movements with proper form and mechanics. Patients will also be educated on how to divide training across various muscle groups. To enhance strength, the body must exercise at a level beyond that which is already stressed. As athletes progress through this class, increased resistance will be placed on the body to continue to optimize strength gains and increase muscle mass. 

-  Upper body strength

-  Lower body strength

-  Full body strength


  • Vinyasa Yoga (Grace): Vinyasa combines breath and movement moving through poses a little quicker than you would in other types of yoga, matching your breath to each movement. This makes it the perfect mix of cardio, strength training, stretching, and meditation—all in one workout.

  • HIIT & Yoga (Lianne): Get the best of both worlds - half HIIT and half yoga! The class begins with a warm-up, followed by a quick 30 min HIIT workout (high intensity interval training). Once the muscles are warm, we do a deep stretch, cool down, and finish with a relaxing savasana. Designed for the HIIT enthusiast who wants to incorporate more deep stretching, or the yogis who want to increase their strength and cardiovascular endurance, this class uses traditional yoga poses and body weight movements to condition the body, burn calories, and strengthen the core. The class is suitable for all levels with plenty of modifications to meet your needs.

Endurance Class

This class is designed to improve the body's ability to exercise over longer durations. These workouts are lower in intensity but sustained over longer periods of time. When accessible, the class will rotate through cardio equipment (treadmill, bike, or rower) with emphasis towards light weight or bodyweight movements. 


This beginner tumbling class is a skill-based course that focuses on developing strength and flexibility in order to master basic tumbling skills. Skills learned in this class will consist of cartwheels, round-offs, handstands, back bends, forward/ backward rolls, etc. Intermediate skills will also be introduced such as back/front handsprings and back walkovers. In addition to mastering basic skills in a safe environment, good sportsmanship and leadership skills will be achieved while having fun and creating friendships. Ages 5-12 welcome!

Meet Our Instructors


Rachael Reuter
IFBB Pro, Instructor

Sarah Johnson headshot.jpeg

Sarah Johnson
PA-C, Instructor





Abby Head shot.JPG

Abby Garcia
CNP, Instructor


Cassidy Ryan





AudreyGPC (1).jpg

Audrey Clement
RD, Instructor


Lexi Edwards
Tumbling Instructor


Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor

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