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Dr. Upton is a doctorally-prepared psychiatric nurse practitioner. He completed both his undergraduate and doctorate degree at the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Upton has worked in a wide variety of mental health care over the past 8 years prior to founding Upton Wellness. 

Dr. Upton believes in taking a more holistic approach in regard to mental health. Looking at the whole body and the root cause of symptoms is a priority for true healing. He specializes in medication management, ketamine therapy for anxiety and depression, psychotherapy and EMDR. 


He is licensed to treat all ages with special interest in Men’s mental health, ADHD, depression, anxiety, and holistic medicine. Dr. Upton understands that we do not all fit into boxes, we are complex beings with complex lives. To obtain optimal mental health care it is of utmost importance to use a holistic approach and take the time to look at each client as an individual complex being. Doing so allows clients to reach their goals with the best possible outcomes for success. 


Dr. Cole Upton
Owner of Upton Wellness

Services & Pricing

Initial Consultation - $250
Follow-Up Session- $150

Ketamine for Depression or Anxiety -
 Call or visit Upton Wellness' website for more information.
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