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Welcome to your new home for medical care including all things for health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, recovery and injury rehabilitation. Our practice is designed to help you experience healthcare the way you want it to be delivered, not on terms dictated by insurance companies or large health care systems. ​We offer prompt, personalized health care by a talented, empathetic, multidisciplinary team of health care providers. 
In addition to primary care, we offer many services such as 24/7 membership to two elite fitness centers, nutrition counseling, weight loss services, fitness classes, DEXA body composition analysis, hormone replacement therapy, aesthetic services, plus other services not typically covered by insurance plans.  Your health and wellness goals have never been easier to reach.

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Option 1: Join one of our reasonably priced all-inclusive membership plans.
 Option 2: For those patients who do not wish to join the monthly membership program, individual services may be purchased on an a la carte basis.

No insurance accepted or required.

Mission Statement


At Grandview Primary Care, we believe in compassionate, knowledgeable, personal and holistic health care. We are adamant that optimal health is more than seeing your doctor periodically and taking a handful of prescription medications. Don't get us wrong, we very much believe in keeping blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels in check and being up to date with mammograms, colonoscopies, vaccinations, and screenings.  We will absolutely help you stay on top of all of these parameters. We completely agree that yes, sometimes medication is helpful. But, many (maybe even most) prescriptions can be avoided by taking care of our bodies by regularly exercising, getting proper nutrition, maintaining a healthy body weight, getting enough sleep and keeping stress levels in check. Our bodies are a magnificently complex system that is capable of incredible healing abilities well into advanced age if provided with the right environment to thrive. We firmly believe that you should have access to your health care team who can offer same day appointments, appointments that last as long as needed to take care of the issues at hand, as well as close contact with your healthcare providers to meet all of your needs when you need it most. 


We've assembled a team of exceptional health care professionals and performance experts who will do whatever it takes to ensure you stay healthy, fit and motivated.

Are you looking to exceed your fitness goals? Our partnerships with Worthington Pro Fitness and Grandview Pro Fitness can help.


Can I pay my membership fee with my

Health Savings Account? 

Yes you can! 

Most patients can pay with their



Personalized, patient-centered medical care is more affordable than you may have thought with a monthly cost that is less than the average cell phone bill.

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