Membership Programs

Your Advanced Wellness or All-Inclusive Fitness Membership Plan gets you unlimited access to your very own team of health professionals devoted to addressing your current health issues while taking proactive measures to prevent potential chronic conditions. Our team wants you to focus on investing time in a healthy, active lifestyle and less time on health care. 

Gym Membership

$50 per month


$475 for year if paid in advance

  • 24/7 access to the Grandview Pro Fitness and Worthington Pro Fitness (formerly known as Cbus Lifting Co.).

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our recovery rooms including Normatec Sequential Compression, Hypervolt and Theragun (both locations)

  • Infrared Sauna (GPF only).

  • Discounted DEXA scans, RMR, Cryotherapy, and other A La Carte Services.

  • $75 one time activation fee.

  • No minimum length contract or cancellation fee.

Advanced Wellness  Membership

$150 per month


$1,530 for year if paid in advance

Includes everything offered in the Gym Membership plus the following:

  • Unlimited in-office or telemed visits with your physician, physician assistant, or certified nurse practitioner(neither patient nor insurance plan will be charged).

  • Unlimited in-office or telemed visits with your registered dietitian.

  • Unlimited secure email access to your entire healthcare team.

  • No-cost annual Advanced Wellness Exam.

  • Unlimited in-office procedures (such as testosterone injections, joint injections, mole removal, etc.)

  • Unlimited access to our A La Carte Services.  (*Most A La Carte Services are free to members, others are discounted. Please see webpage for details). 

  • Unlimited INR tests for those patients who are on warfarin

  • Free blood draws (labs will be sent to Labcorp who will bill your insurance or Medicare)

All-Inclusive Fitness Membership

$475 per month


$4,845 for year if paid in advance

Includes everything offered in the Advanced Wellness Plan Membership plus the following:

  • 12 training sessions with Rachael or Jamayla a month. 

  • Access to virtual group fitness classes with Rachael via Zoom.

  • Access to our training app with a catalog of over 200 exercise videos.

  • Unlimited access to our registered dietitian, Megan.

  • Individual nutrition plan by Megan

  • In-person or Zoom access to Megan's weekly nutrition seminar



833 Grandview Avenue

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833 Grandview Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43215


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