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For a Physical
Therapy Session

Performance therapy is aimed at unlocking human potential in the areas of strength, conditioning, and physical wellness while also identifying risk factors to keep you as injury free as possible on your fitness journey.  We believe that every person is an athlete whether you’re a professional athlete or an everyday athlete in the sport of life.  As doctors of physical therapy, our role is not only to work with you to rehabilitate pain or injuries but also to educate you on how your body is built and intended to move, address any abnormalities in your strength and/or mobility, and work with you to develop a program to reach whatever individual goals you have for your health, recreation, or sport.

Our Physical/Performance Therapy Services Include:

  • Movement, joint mobility, and soft tissue assessment

  • Musculoskeletal pain/injury assessment 

  • Strength training and mobility training consultation

  • Performance assessments:  lift evaluations, form optimization strategies, training performance enhancement interventions

  • Personalized prescriptive exercise programs

  • When indicated:  Dry needling, soft tissue mobilization (instrument-assisted and hands-on), joint mobilization and manipulation




All sessions free of charge to AWP members

Initial Consultation - $150

Follow Up Visits - $100


Our Physical Therapy sessions are held at our newest location located at 751 Northwest Blvd. Suite 100-2, Columbus OH.


Just a three minute drive from Grandview Primary Care & Grandview Pro Fitness!

New Group Fitness Map_edited.jpg

Parking is located on the side of the building closest to Northwest Blvd. or behind the building. Please enter through the front door and our studio is located down the stairs.

What Makes Us Different?

What makes Grandview Primary Care Physical Therapy different is we can see you even without an injury. We can help review your current program or assist in implementing a strength program. We can perform mobility or injury screens to help keep you healthy and moving throughout your life. 

What we see: 

  • Neck and back pain 

  • Shoulder, hip, knee, ankle/foot, elbow, wrist/hand pain 

  • Numbness/tingling 

  • Post surgical rehabilitation 

  • Return to sport training

Specialty PT services: 

  • Dry needling 

  • Movement and mobility assessments 

  • Lifting and running analysis

  • Exercise programming tailored towards your abilities 

  • Injury prevention assessments 

  • Tips for maintaining strength and mobility for longevity

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