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In pain? See a physical therapist (no physician referral necessary!)

It's a common misconception that in order to see a physical therapist, you need to either be injured or referred by your doctor.

Not true!

Direct Access allows a person to locate a physical therapist in their area (refer to last month’s blog post on how to do so) and schedule an appointment with a qualified physical therapist, all while not needing a referral or prescription from a physician.

This allows you to better manage your health and schedule a physical therapy appointment to begin taking control and decreasing your pain quicker!

I, Dr. Matt Franklin, accept a wide range of insurances including:

United Health Care

Anthem BC/BS

Medical Mutual



OSU Managed Health Care Systems

Be Aware of What Your Health Insurance Plan Allows

Of course, it is always up to the patient to determine what their health insurance allows for physical therapy regarding number of visits covered, coverage for treatment, and if a prior authorization is required.

Contact Grandview Primary Care & Performance Medicine Institution to set-up an appointment with me if you’re experiencing any muscular discomfort or pain!

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