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HERO Cancer Health & Grandview Primary Care teaming up to offer free exercise programs for cance

In the last two decades, studies have shown that exercise can treat or prevent some of the mental and physical challenges faced by cancer survivors. Overwhelming evidence from The American Cancer Society and Medicine Behavioral Lab has made it clear that regular exercise plays a vital role in offsetting some of the side effects of common cancer therapies, (particularly nausea and fatigue), maintaining physical function, and improving quality of life for cancer survivors.

Ciaran Fairman, an exercise physiologist at HERO Cancer Health, is graduating from The Ohio State University with a PhD in Exercise Physiology, and has spent the last 4 years researching the effects of different exercise programs on health outcomes in a variety of cancers including: prostate, breast, endometrial and head and neck.

Our health professionals at Grandview Primary Care have teamed up with Ciaran and the other 6 physiologists at HERO Cancer Health to offer a free exercise program for cancer survivors in our community. Each participant will work with the health professionals on our team to design an individually tailored exercise program. Moreover, all participants will receive pre and post body composition and bone mineral density assessments using a DEXA scanner, along with strength and physical function.

HERO Cancer Health and Grandview Primary Care ultimately hope to offer a program that is fun, effective, and tailored to improving the quality of life for the cancer survivors in our community.




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