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A physical therapist's tips on how to finish off the year strong, active, and healthy (yes, even

It’s that time of the year as we head into fall/winter with lots of holidays coming up. This time of year is always busy with all sorts of activities, holiday parties, events, family gatherings, etc. That can often lead us to skimp on time spent being active and likely eating more sweets than we might otherwise eat!

I like to use this time of year as a chance to look back on all that happened in the past year, how my health and wellness goals have looked and changed over the course of the year, and focus on what I can do in the last couple months of the year to stay healthy and active so that I feel great starting out the new year!

Here are some quick tips:

  • Plan your workouts → If you know you have a busy week, plan out specific times (even if it’s only 20 minutes) where you can spend time being active!

  • Your workouts don’t always have to be in a gym!

  • If it’s more convenient for you during busy weeks, there are so many ways to workout at home with minimal equipment and still get a great workout! (I have a somewhat irregular schedule and often this helps me incorporate a good workout into my busy schedule!)

  • Even if you can get a few 10 minute walks in at different times throughout the day, that’s a great way to stay active!

  • Keep healthy snacks in the house

  • If you focus on keeping mostly whole foods and healthy snacks in the house then you’ll be more likely to reach for those when hunger strikes :)

  • Keep a weekly journal where you list a couple things you did or want to do each week to achieve your health and wellness goals!

  • I find it helpful to track weekly progress so you can see your progress towards goals week by week. Every small step forward counts!

Now, of course, I have to bring physical therapy into this conversation in some way!

Maybe you have been putting off getting that back pain, knee pain, etc. looked at! Maybe you’d like to be more active, but feel as if some sort of pain or injury is holding you back and you’re not quite sure how to move forward on your own! Maybe you keep saying “I’ll start taking care of myself come the new year.”

Why not start taking care of yourself now?! Why not get the help you need to achieve your wellness goals and be able to stay active? Why not start living pain-free and learn how to manage your symptoms?!

I work with people of all ages and activity levels. My ultimate goal is to empower my patients to take control of their health, pain, injury, etc. I help provide the tools you need to feel better, move better, and achieve your goals whatever that means for you because every person is different and every person has different goals!

I would be happy to help you achieve your goals :) Contact me at 614-437-9002 or to schedule an appointment ! I’d be happy to answer any and all questions about how physical therapy can help you!

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