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RUNNERS--Do you want to improve your running form and prevent injury so you can keep running?

Video Running Gait Analysis is an excellent component of a running training program!

What is video running gait analysis?

The human eye has difficulty analyzing and diagnosing deficits during running due to the speed. However, by using software such as the Coach’s Eye program we utilize, we can slow your running gait down. That way we don’t miss a thing! This allows us to then measure and record various angles at different points in the gait cycle.

We record you running on a treadmill at various angles, speeds, inclines, etc. Then, using the Coach’s Eye software, we analyze and record various angles and measures. This allows us to look at differences side to side as well as compare our findings to ‘norms.’ In addition to the video running gait analysis, it includes a comprehensive assessment including flexibility, mobility, strength, and functional movements. At your second and third sessions, we review our findings with you and you will receive a copy of all of the findings for your reference! An individualized, specific home exercise program will be prescribed for you that addresses any weaknesses, impairments, or faulty movement patterns found during the examination in attempt to improve your overall movement and running form!

Why do I need this?

With repetitive activities, such as running, the human body can only take so much impact before it begins to break down somewhat. This typically occurs slowly and gradually over time. What often happens when you begin to have some type of pain or injury, the body compensates and finds a way to keep running and avoid the pain. However, these compensations long term can cause a plethora of issues and changes to your running form.

Often what needs to be done is to be given a specific program individualized to you based on a comprehensive assessment including things like strengthening exercises, mobility work, neuromuscular control exercise, and manual therapy if necessary. These exercises are aimed at getting you out of that pain-compensation-pain cycle and get your body functioning optimally so you can keep running :)

Pricing and what it includes

$175 for 3 sessions:

  • Session #1:

  • Comprehensive PT evaluation including muscle strength testing, flexibility/mobility testing, & balance testing

  • Treadmill video running gait analysis

  • Overground video running gait analysis (weather & time permitting)

  • Initial running form tips/advice & general instructions

  • Session #2 (~1 week later):

  • Review and discussion of findings from analysis (you will get a copy of this!)

  • Any manual therapy treatment necessary

  • Specific home exercise program instruction & performance (you will get either a paper or email copy of this!)

  • Session #3 (~1 month later):

  • Final check-in, answer any questions, and see how things are going

  • Progression of home exercise program & any necessary manual therapy

In addition to video running gait analysis, we offer a lot of other services and packages for runners! Check out our website for our running club at:

Call: 614-437-9002 OR Email: with any questions and to schedule!

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