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Telemedicine at Grandview Primary Care

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is using communications technology such as telephone and encrypted email to deliver health care without actually having to be in the same physical location as a health care provider. For example, if you are sick you can communicate with a physician out-of-state to discuss your symptoms, make a diagnosis and initiate treatment.  This can help save time and money and help you get the care you need without interrupting your busy lifestyle or even having to leave the house when you are sick. 


How typical is telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a significant and rapidly growing component of health care in the United States.  There are currently about 200 telemedicine networks, with 3,500 service sites in the US.  Over half of all U.S. hospitals now use some form of telemedicine. Around the world, millions of patients use telemedicine to monitor their vital signs, remain healthy and out of hospitals and emergency rooms. 


Is telemedicine safe?

Yes. Guided by technical standards and clinical practice guidelines, and backed by decades of research and demonstrations, telemedicine is a safe and cost-effective way to extend the delivery of health care.  ATA has produced a series of standards, guidelines and best practices for healthcare providers to ensure that they are using telemedicine responsibly.


What type of conditions can be treated with telemedicine?

Many routine acute illnesses as well as chronic illnesses can be treated with telemedicine.  Anything from a sinus infection or influenza to chronic diseases (such as high cholesterol and hypertension) to routine monitoring of blood work can be adequately treated with telemedicine.

How do I become a telemedicine patient at Grandview Primary Care and Performance Medicine Institute?


To become a patient, first you will need to request an appointment through PatientFusion, which is our secure communication system we use in order to be in compliance with HIPPA. Follow the instructions below. 

1. Request an appointment by filling out the form below.

Thanks! Within 1-2 business days we will initiate a chart and send you a request to sign up for PatientFusion via email.

2. After you've received your PatientFusion invite from us via email, set up your PatientFusion account. 

3. Read our Notice of Privacy Practices and download and fill out our telemedicine intake PDF below.  

Notice of Privacy Practices

Telemedicine Intake Form

4. Upload the completed intake form via "Messages" on PatientFusion and send to Rebecca in PDF format. 

5. From there we will update your chart accordingly and respond within the secure email messaging center provided within PatientFusion. 

6. Once we have reached out and you have scheduled your telemedicine appointment with us, you must pay for the appointment. Prices are $200 per visit with Dr. Bailey or $45 per visit with Emily Barker.  You may pay this via PayPal below, or we can take your payment over the phone (614-437-9002). 

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Disclaimer: Due to Ohio Telemedicine Prescribing and Controlled Substance Law, we are unable to prescribe controlled substances via telemedicine. For more information, click here. 

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