Welcome to the Weight Loss Program

Our program helps patients develop a healthy relationship with food, exercise and body image.  We believe that knowledge is power, which is why education is a huge part of our program.  We believe a team approach is the best way to make sustainable changes that lead to long term improved health, happiness and quality of life.  Your team will consist of health care providers as well as fellow athletes like you.  Our health care providers will develop your personalized plan, educate on healthy habits and develop routines that lead to long term success.  You and your fellow athletes will develop a sense of friendship and community that will help you inspire and motivate each other and just as importantly make the process fun. 

Personal Trainer

Damon Bollin M.Ed., CSCS is an exercise physiologist, certified strength and conditioning specialist and personal trainer here to provide your weekly workout program as well as in person guidance for individual needs.

Currently, Damon is a student at USC in the Doctor of Physical Therapy program and likes to compete as a powerlifter. Damon will teach the majority of your fitness classes. He is excited to help you reach your health and performance goals.

Registered Dietitian


Megan Stanley MS, RD, LDN will be your nutrition educator and coach.  Megan does not believe in diets.  She believes in balance and developing a healthy relationship with food, which will enable you to make lifelong healthy food choices.  At the start of the program, Megan will measure your resting metabolic rate and develop a personalized nutrition plan based on your specific needs and dietary preferences.  Megan will meet with you individually at least once a month, but can meet more if needed.

Megan runs a weekly nutrition class lecture series that you may either attend in person or via Zoom.  The topics are mainly focused on nutrition, but around once a month Dr. Bailey, Damon, or Jenny will take turns discussing medical, training, and mental health topics.

Mental Health Specialist


Jenny Edgingtion LISW will help you with the mental and motivational aspects of your fitness and weight loss journey.  Jenny is a counselor and social worker who can help you explore your feelings and relationships with food and exercise as well as body image.  Jenny will meet with each of you individually at the start of the program and is available to meet with you on an ongoing basis if needed.  

Jenny will also be a part of our weekly lecture series talking from time to time about the relationships between fitness and positive mental health.  



Dr. Shawn Bailey M.D. is the team leader and will oversee every aspect of your journey to better health and fitness.  He will be assisted by his amazing team of nurse practitioners and registered nurses.  Before you start your journey you will go through a complete medical evaluation where we will review your goals, your past medial and surgical history, list of medicines, perform a physical to make sure exercise is safe for you and put you through some preliminary tests at our office that will help guide your individual plan.  As you lose weight and become more physically fit your medication doses may need to be decreased or even discontinued, especially if you have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes.  We will help you with this process.

What we expect of you

Each participant will be required to be cleared by Dr. Bailey prior to participation

Individuals will be required to meet participation goals each month to remain in the program including:

  • Attend 12 workouts per month (3 per week)

  • Attend 1 class per week in the nutrition lecture series (in-person or virtual)

  • Accurately complete a personal nutrition journal

  • Monthly DEXA scans and meeting with Dietitian 

  • Complete weekly check in forms

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Class Schedule

Monday morning - TBD

Monday evening - TBD



Tuesday 6:00 am, Rachael, GPF

Tuesday 6:00 pm, Nutrition class, Megan, GPC/Virtual


Wednesday morning TBD

Wednesday 6:00 pm, Damon, WPF



Thursday 12:00 pm, Nutrition class, Megan, GPC/Virtual

Thursday 6:00 pm, Damon, WPF



Friday 6:00 am, Rachael, GPF

Friday afternoon TBD


Saturday 10:00 am, Damon, WPF


Sunday 10:00 am, Damon, GPF


$150 per month

This includes AWP membership at Grandview Primary Care well as 24/7 membership to Grandview Pro Fitness and Worthington Pro Fitness.  

AWP members can participate in the program for no addiitonal cost.

For more information or to get registered for the program email Megan at