Welcome to the weight loss program

Grandview Primary Care, Grandview Pro Fitness and Cbus Lifting Co., have combined forces to offer YOU a Free 20 week weight loss program!

The first Weight Loss program is currently under way! If you missed out do not worry. Please still fill out the survey at the bottom of this page and we will notify if you qualify for a future session!

Class Schedule

Monday 6:30 am, Steve, GPF

Monday 3:30 pm, TJ, WPF


Tuesday 7:00 am, Rachael, GPF

Tuesday 6:15 pm, Nutrition class, Megan, GPC

Tuesday 7:00 pm, Yoga, Emma, WPF

Wednesday 7:00 am, Jamayla, WPF

Wednesday 10:00 am, Steve, GPF

Wednesday 5:30 pm, Jamayla, WPF

Thursday 8:30 am , TJ, WPF

Thursday 9:30 am, Joey D, GPF

Thursday 12:00 pm, Nutrition class, Megan, GPC

Friday 6:30 am, Jamayla, GPF

Saturday 11:30 am, TJ, WPF

The Time

What you can expect from us!


Grandview Primary Care will provide weekly nutrition classes as well as one-on-one personal consultation and individualized nutrition plan with a Registered Dietitian.

Participants will receive free Resting Metabolic Rate Testing, DEXA scans, VO2max testing at Grandview Primary Care.

Personal Coach

All participants will be assigned to a personal coach who will help encourage you, answer questions, and provide motivation and support.

If a participant completes all 20 weeks they will receive the remainder of one year (7 months) free gym membership.

Weekly Classes

Grandview Pro Fitness and Cbus Lifting Co. will provide 8-10 group fitness classes per week that will only be open to participants in this program.  The classes will cover a variety of different exercise styles.

Exercise Class Offerings:

- Introduction to General Fitness and Mobility

- Yoga

- Introduction to Bodybuilding

- Introduction to Powerlifting

- Introduction to CrossFit

What we expect of you!

Each participant will be required to be cleared by their physician prior to participation (or by Emily Barker PA-C, or Dr. Bailey)

Individuals will be required to meet participation goals each month to remain in the program including:

  • Attend 3 workouts per week

  • Attend 1 nutrition class per week

  • Accurately complete a personal nutrition journal

  • Monthly DEXA

  • Monthly VO2max

  • Monthly RMR

  • Periodic BP checks

  • Allow us to track their progress on social media

  • End of the month meeting with their coaches to go over numbers and goals

Weight Training



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833 Grandview Avenue

Columbus, Ohio 43215


2144 Tremont Center

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(Inside Tremont Pharmacy)

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